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The latest from the widely popular Reminisce Radio Podcast and the recordings from each event.

Reminisce Classic House with John Course

Goodwill Live @ Reminisce Festival Classics 2014

Reminisce Radio 004 Festival Classics with FeenixPawl

Reminisce Radio 003 – Classic House

What is Reminisce?

Reminisce is the worlds only fully interactive live music experience, brought to you through a count down event. At each event, every single person on the dance floor has a say into what songs are played through our unique online voting system.

Why Reminisce?

Ever wished you could jump in a time machine and propel yourself back to that perfect place? That place where all that mattered was the weekend, the next festival or bangin’ house party? That place where all that mattered was the music? Think about this stage in your life, when it was, the places you went, the people you met and most importantly, the songs you danced to.

Where is your perfect place? The 90′s? The 00′s? Or are you still there right now? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is the tunes that you want to hear.

Imagine being able to catch up with all of your friends from this perfect place. Then collectively choosing your top 50 songs from the time and have it culminate in a huge party with the most iconic DJ’s from that era in that city playing your choices live down from 50 to number 1?

There’s no need to imagine, because Reminisce makes this dream a reality.

So how does Reminisce work?

First, we find a venue or music brand which is synonymous with a certain genre of electronic music. Then we carefully pick a headline DJ and create a list of tracks from that genre, with help from the local crew. We then enter the tracks into our all-conquering voting system so you can vote for your top 5. The top 50 is then played in a huge countdown event at the venue, with the headline DJ playing the whole set from 50-1.

Starting as a house party back in 2010, Reminisce quickly grew into an Australia wide brand, and now has it’s sights set on the world. Keep an eye out for Reminisce in your town very soon.

If you are interested in running a Reminisce at your venue, get in contact at the bottom of the page for more information.



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