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    If you’ve never experienced a Reminisce, or just aren’t quite sure what it’s all about, this email we received from Matt C shortly after the last event should get you off to a good start.

    “I personally have never experienced an atmosphere, a connectedness, happiness and love with so many people in one place as I did on saturday. The music was sooo good and got everyone on the exact same page. John Course had the crowd in the palm of his hand every step of the way. Hearing songs from Saturday gives me goosebumps taking me back to how incredible it felt on the day. I am so grateful to have got a taste of how good the feeling was and can only hope I get a chance to feel anything like it again.

    Sounds amazing, but what actually is it?

    Glad you asked…

    Put simply, it’s a countdown of the 50 best house music songs of all time.

    All selected by the people who attend the event, via our unique voting system. Voting is open soon!

    Throughout the voting process, you trawl through our list of 500 house songs, listening to them on the way if you like, and create your own shortlist. You can even add your own songs if they aren’t in the list.

    Once you’ve selected your shortlist, you then trim it down to your top 5 and then place them in order, then submit your votes.

    On the day, the songs are then played in a Top 50 countdown, starting at number 50 and counting down to the coveted number 1 song.

    So in essence, Reminisce is all about Reminiscing the best days of your life, where all that mattered was the weekend or the next festival.

    People come to Reminisce to immerse themselves in music, memories, moments and the Reminisce magic that really has to be experienced to be believed.

    Check out the videos, live top 50 countdown recordings and fan videos below…




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